Relaxing Eye Pillow How-To

Use warm or cold to relax tired eyes, to alleviate headaches, or before bed to help prepare for a restful sleep. 
Here are some instructions if using them for the first time: 

For heat therapy:
  1. Ensure the microwave turntable is clearn and rotating for even temperature distribution. Place a small mug of water in the microwave with the heat pack to help keep it moist.
  2. Microwave (800w) in 10-second increments for a maximum of 30 seconds. 
  3. Remove from the microwave and apply over the eye and forehead area. 
  4. Wait until completely cooled before re-heating. 
For cold therapy:
  1. Place heat-pack in a freezer-proof container or sealable bag. 
  2. Store in freezer for at least 30 minutes or until next desired use.
  3. Remove from the freezer container/bag and apply to the eye and forehead area.