Hello! Welcome to lum.

We believe that sustainability should be at the heart of anything we bring into our homes, and that comfort, beauty and luxury can co-exist with products which are good for people and the planet. 

Designs inspired by Scotland’s flora and fauna

Our homeware collections are inspired by emblematic and keystone Scottish species, now under threat due to climate change and other habitat pressures. Many of these species play critical roles in creating and supporting the habitats which enable other animals, plants and people to thrive. In donating at least 10% of Lum profits to the Scottish Wildlife Trust, we hope to support their work to maintain and support the existence of these species for many years to come. 

Sustainable principles

All of our homeware is made to order, reducing unnecessary waste and ensuring that everything we make has a future purpose.
  • All our material is European-produced linen and global oeko-tex standard 100 certified, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used in its production.
  • We have deliberately chosen linen, made from the flax plants (and one of the oldest fabrics in the world!) over cotton, which is much more water intensive to produce.
  • Our pattern cutting and process minimises waste during the making process, and our plastic-free packaging gets our carefully made goods to you in one piece, without compromising on our values.
  • Our sewing is fueled through 100% renewable energy and local deliveries are made by bicycle!

How we got here

Lum is the creation of Catriona, who founded the company in 2020. Lum combines Catriona’s knowledge from a career in tackling climate change, skills from studying sewing and working as a seamstress, and the experience of decorating her first home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Realising she couldn’t find the modern, Scottish and sustainable cushion covers she wanted: she decided to make her own!

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