The lum Christmas Gift Guide

The lum Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is almost upon us, and if you're anything like me, it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for all the special people in your life! This can be particularly hard if you're trying to shop small, make more sustainable or ethical choices or seek out handmade gifts. 

Here I've put together a few suggestions based on customer feedback and my most popular products - hopefully it'll help with some ideas!

Perfect for those who deserve a more restful 2022...

The last couple of years have been tough on us all, and it can be hard to switch off from the news, the working day or life's responsibilities. lum's relaxing eye pillows help your loved one mentally switch off - the weighted pillow stimulating the vagus nerve (the great balancer of the parasympathetic nervous system) and sending signals to the body to physically relax. It's a particularly good gift for those who medidate, practice yoga (or who are planning to do these as part of their new years resolutions!).

You can also customise your gifted eye pillow to be unscented (for those sensitive to smell) or lavender (which has been proven to aid relaxation and improve sleep quality). 

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Perfect for those who are still working from home...

Many of us are working from home (and will be doing so for the forseeable future). The wrap-around design of lum's therapeutic heat packs are perfect for those who are still working from kitchen tables and sofas - and who probably don't have the perfect ergonomic set-up! Applying heat to tense muscles can help improve the blood flow to affected areas: reducing stiffness and pain and bringing some much-needed relief.

Plus, being quick to heat up in the microwave, and staying warm for around an hour, these heatpacks can also counter the temperature challenges of heating a home through our winter. 

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Perfect for those in a new home...bold and colourful cushions

Moving house or settling into a new home is a time for celebration, but it can also be a lengthy (and expensive!) process. Throw pillows are an easy and effective way of adding style and personality to a space, without overwhelming it.

lum's cushions are perfect for those with an eye for bold colour, shape and a connection to nature. With a wide range of designs and colours (based on the Scottish flora and fauna at risk of extinction), there's something to suit all tastes!

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Send your gift direct to your recipient!

Want to send your gift direct? No problem! Just enter your recipient's address as 'shipping details' during checkout, and add a gift message. All lum orders are gift wrapped as standard, and I hand-write all order notes on seeded paper!

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