Collection of sustainable homeware trends - warm colours and cushions

Sustainable homeware trends for 2021

Sustainable homeware trends 2021 - earth tones, colour, natural fibres

How will we decorate our homes in 2021?

As lum has developed, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on emerging trends when it comes to home interiors, home decoration and homeware. This is partly for my own interest (having spent a lot of time at home during 2020!) but also in exploring how lum’s designs reflect the needs and wants of my lovely customers.

Here are some of my observations and predictions of the home interiors trends for 2021:

Timeless design, made to last and good for the planet

Perhaps the biggest trend for 2021 will be the move away from trends! As we become more informed of the impact our consumer behaviour has on people and planet, there will be a greater social emphasis on choosing sustainable, high-quality items which transcend beyond the season. For example:

  • Classic designs and patterns will dominate, staying in style season-after-season. 
  • Vintage, custom or one-off pieces will bring a sense of individuality and uniqueness to our homes.
  • Quality will be paramount, with people willing to pay more for the guarantee that items have been produced in an ethical, sustainable manner. 

Colour keeps things cosy, bold and fun

The last few years have seen interior design dominated by minimalist whites, cream and grey. But in 2021, as we look towards a hopefully brighter future, colour will come back! Harsh minimalism will be broken up by fun pops of colour which introduce a bold and playful atmosphere, and earthy tones will bring warmth into comfortable spaces. For example:

  • DULUX has brought out a series of new paint colour palettes which reflect the changing role of our homes as a place to retreat, nourish and reset.
  • Rich, colourful accents will spread throughout our homes through painted wall designs, throw cushions, or bold art prints will truly personalise our spaces.
  • Luxury textures such as brocade, wool and linen will add warmth and richness throughout the year.

Bringing the outdoors in

The lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021 have prompted many of us to rebuild our connection with our local environment, and experience the mental and physical health benefits of the outdoors anew. As with the explosion of indoors plants, which brought more greenery quite literally into our home, 2021 will see a greater exploration of how our home reflects the nature around us. For example:

  • Natural materials and fibres physically remind us of the look and feel of our natural world. Linen, rattan and cane materials will continue to be present in many rooms, with mixed materials replicating the variety in nature. 
  • Vegan and plastic free designs will become more and more popular, with brands being more transparent about their materials, processes and environmental commitments. 

Colourful and sustainable homeware made by lum and inspired by our natural world

Are you looking for some design inspiration, or some items which reflect these trends? Take a look at lum’s collections!

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