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Introducing...Therapeutic Heat Packs from lum

After months of planning, testing and making, I’m thrilled to finally be able to launch lum’s newest product: handmade therapeutic heat packs!

I’ve been an avid fan of heat packs for over a decade: my enthusiasm for them started whilst at university when in classic student accommodation in Scotland - poorly insulated, very cold and with a minimal heating budget. They helped to keep me warm, whilst also soothing the aches and pains that came with hunching over laptops and complex essay deadlines. Fast forward to 2021, and many of us are dealing with similar issues on a daily basis.

Relieving day-to-day tension and pain

With working-from-home continuing (and potentially here to stay for the long term) and lots of people still making-it-work from the sofa, kitchen table or makeshift office, many are experiencing an increase in the sore neck, shoulders and back that comes from hunching over a laptop screen all day. Equally, those of us who have returned to the workplace are dealing with the return to uncomfortable commuting and stressful situations. 

I’ve designed lum’s heat packs to wrap comfortably around your neck and shoulders - providing relief to the places we can carry the most tension. Gently warming your heat pack in the microwave for up to 2 minutes (800W) helps intensify this relief, as the application of heat improves circulation and blood flood to the affected area - soothing discomfort and increasing muscle flexibility. This same principle applies to muscle pain in other areas of the body, and the size of my lum heat packs make them equally perfect for helping with period cramps, lower back pain, or wherever else you might carry tension!

Keeping warm whilst saving energy, carbon and money

With rising gas prices as we head into winter, energy consumption is on all of our minds. And with COP26 taking place in Glasgow in November 2021, many of us are looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle climate change. 

In Scotland (and the wider UK), we typically heat our homes through the burning of fossil fuels (such as gas) in central heating systems. But one of the easiest ways we can save energy and money is by only heating the rooms actually in use at any given time, or focusing on keeping ourselves warm rather than heating the space. However, sometimes there are only so many jumpers you can wear at once!

Lum’s heat packs enable you to ‘heat the person, not the room’, with a quick blast in the microwave keeping you warm for an hour or more. They are also flexible to where you feel the cold first - I’m not averse to using mine to warm up my toes on a cold day!

Supported by 2050 Climate Group

I’m hugely excited and proud of the fact that the development of lum’s heat packs has been supported by 2050 Climate Group’s ‘2050x’ programme. 2050 Climate Group is a youth-led, volunteer-led charity that empowers young leaders to take climate action towards a just and sustainable society. 

Inspired by nature

As with all lum collections,  these heat packs are available in the colourways inspired by emblematic Scottish species currently at-risk of extinction. As part of your purchase 10% of lum profits will be donated to the essential conservation work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and fulfilling lum's mission to create better habitats - at home and in the wild! 

Get your heat pack (or buy one as a gift) by visiting the shop. 

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