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Basking Shark | Therapeutic Heat Pack | Good for People and Planet

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Soothe your tense muscles by applying heat to boost circulation and blood flow to the aching areas. Or reduce your heating bills by using a heat pack instead of central heating on chilly days!

Overcome neck and shoulder tension or soothe painful cramps

Designed to particularly help with the sore neck and shoulders that come from stressful days or being hunched over whilst working-from-home, lum's adaptable heat pack can also be used to help ease aching muscles or cramps. 

  • You can choose to customise your heat pack with UK-grown lavender buds for an ultra-relaxing experience!
  • Activate the heat pack by gently warming for up to 2 minutes in a microwave - it will stay warm for around an hour. 
  • If you prefer cold therapy, store in the freezer and use as a cold compress!

Heat the person (not the room) this winter

Reducing our energy consumption is one of the key ways through which we can reduce our carbon footprint. With energy bills rising as we head into winter, it's never been more important to try and keep warm in a sustainable and efficient way. Your lum heat pack works like a traditional hot water bottle, helping you keep yourself warm without having to heat a whole flat or room with gas, electric or oil heating, 

Made from eco-friendly, natural, sustainable materials which last

  • Handmade to order by Catriona in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • External cover sewn with french seams, made with soft and luxurious 100% European OEKO-TEX-standard natural linen fabric. Removable and washable for a long life.
  • Sealed inner filled with UK-grown linseeds encased within a 100% unbleached cotton casing. Sealed into four sections to help with even distribution.
  • Approx 45cm x 14cm / 500g.
  • Gift-wrapped in botanical, recycled and recyclable packaging.

Inspired by nature

All lum collections are inspired by emblematic Scottish species currently at-risk of extinction. As part of your purchase 10% of lum profits will be donated to the essential conservation work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and fulfilling lum's mission to create better habitats - at home and in the wild! 

This collection is inspired by the basking shark: the second largest fish in the world, which can grow up to 12m in length. A gentle giant, they feed only on planktonic prey that they filter through their gaping jaw. Basking sharks are at a high risk of extinction due to historic overfishing, entanglement from nets and ropes, and rising sea temperatures (due to climate change) distrupting long-established mating patterns. 

Supported by 2050 Climate Group

Lum is thrilled to have been supported by 2050 Climate Group to develop this heat pack concept through their 2050x programme. 2050 Climate Group is a youth-led, volunteer-led charity which empowers young leaders to take climate action towards a just and sustainable society.