5 reasons to love linen for sustainable homeware

5 reasons to love linen for sustainable homeware

Linen fabric

All of lum’s cushions and other homeware is made from wonderful European linen fabric. Linen is unique in how it combines luxury, environmental sustainability and relaxation. New to linen, or a long-term advocate? Here are just a few (more) reasons to love linen:

1. Linen is a natural fibre with a low environmental impact

Linen is made from the stalks of flax plants - a resilient plant which thrives in poor-quality soils without the use of fertiliser or irrigation. It’s therefore much less environmentally intensive than other natural fibres (like cotton) or synthetic fibres made from oil (like polyester). There is very little waste from it’s production, with byproducts of the cultivation of flax including linseed oil, which is used as a furniture preservative, or flax seed, a nutritional ‘super-food’ and vegan substitute for eggs in culinary pursuits! 

2. Linen creates luxurious cushions

Linen is created through a lengthy process which creates a luxurious final material worth the effort! First, flax plants are pulled from the ground (rather than being harvested by cutting machines). This preserves the length of the fibres and produces a higher quality final result. The plant fibres are then softened for up to three months, before being twisted and spun into the final woven material. As a result of this time-intensive process, and the people and expertise required, linen is more expensive than cotton, and is considered a ‘luxury’ fabric.

3. Linen is always relaxed 

The natural character of linen is to have a series of beautiful, textured creases across its surface, meaning that each and every piece of fabric is totally unique. This tousled appearance creates a relaxed, casual vibe in any home (and also negates any need for ironing!). Linen only gets even softer and more relaxed as it ages - and it doesn’t pill like cotton or wool. 

4. Linen is durable, strong and easy to care for in every home

Linen is a historic material, with evidence of it being in use since 8000BC. It is incredibly durable over time, even being used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt! The natural fabric fibres do not stretch over time, creating greater longevity. If it gets dirty, it can be put in a washing machine and dried outside or on a washing line. All this means you can look forward to enjoying it for many years to come!

5. Linen is hypoallergenic and moth-resistant

Linen is hypoallergenic, and was even used for bandages prior to the Industrial Revolution. Lots of cotton and synthetic materials used in homeware contain chemicals which make them wrinkle resistant or hold particular properties, but these can prompt allergic reactions from those with sensitive skin. As well as being grown with fewer chemicals, all lum’s linen is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, meaning no banned or regulated chemicals have been used in the manufacture and dying processes. Linen also has some natural insect-resistant properties - meaning that even though it’s a natural fabric, it won’t suffer from the plight of moths!

Linen homeware made by lum

All lum homeware is made from European linen - meaning that when you buy something from lum, you benefit from all the amazing qualities of this special textile! Take a look at our collections now to find your perfect piece. 

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